report Recommends Banning Ex-military From joining legislation Enforcement

The city of Racine, Wisconsin launched a “Police Reform” report closing month that touted strategies similar to “mandatory” de-escalation, warning photographs in advance of the use of lethal drive and the banning of anybody with armed forces journey from joining the Racine Police branch “because of a probable militaristic strategy.”

after we heard about probably the most highlights of what can handiest be described as lunacy, we didn’t consider it. however that you can read the document yourself. 

To be clear, here is a neatly equipped file and a person, somewhere, is lousy proud of it.

however they shouldn’t be.

It’s a mix of ridiculous and unhealthy promises blended with outright lies with none rationalization or scientific backing by any means.

as an instance, the report says “in keeping with the document, systemic racism and white supremacy have been the desirable two subject matters within participant responses when residents were requested in regards to the motives for the disproportionate killing of unarmed African American men within the U.S.” and there are a myriad of motion steps to stop the killing of African American guys.

Mayor Cory Mason wrote a lengthy introduction and it was clear that the death of George Floyd changed into why this document and it’s innovations have befell:

“the primary answer is that we should repair individuals’s trust and confidence in native policing. If that wanes, it may
erode decades of neighborhood oriented policing work. After George Floyd’s murder, I heard the cries of affliction from so many residents who don’t and haven’t had high-quality or believe-improving experiences with RPD.”

we’re going to claim this another time for individuals that don’t have eyes to observe the Floyd body camera footage or can read a coroner’s document.


George Floyd took a deadly dose of Fentanyl. The post-mortem showed no trauma on his physique and no asphyxiation. there is lots extra we could talk about right here and we’ve, however how does the loss of life of George Floyd 350 miles away have the rest to do with anything Mayor Mason noted?

We get it. Mason is a traditional baby-kisser and he’s doing what politicians do….which is comply with anything and everything and by no means respond with statistics.

in any case, we’re right here nowadays because Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Floyd knew a great deal that he refused to inform the public.


And it’s obvious during this file that there’s a belief that blacks are centered by the Racine Police department together with “systemic racism and white supremacy” being listed because the true two themes within the response from the general public.

here is a tremendous issue for the metropolis and the police branch and right here is the troubling element.

there’s an absolute reason African americans are shot either armed or unarmed. First, out of these seven objects listed, how does “attacking police officers” no longer find it’s manner on the listing?

seriously, it’s now not like this tips is not largely purchasable and the way do these statistics now not make it in the record. If we are going to recommend crazy ideas, a few of a good way to chance the security of officers, can we at least get some facts or science behind it. in spite of everything, we’re considering that Mayor Mason “listens to the science.”


First, to the unarmed question. As we’ve stated a large number of times, the massive majority of “unarmed” suspects are violent and dangerous. There is not any debate there. that you can read about each and every incident with a simple cyber web search however how about this…..greater whites are shot “unarmed” than blacks. not simply in numbers, (as a result of there are more whites) but through percentage.

UNARMED however deadly

in reality, seeing that 2015, out of all of the whites shot and killed by using police, 3% have been unarmed.  Out of the entire blacks shot and killed with the aid of police, 2% had been unarmed.

That is not some made up quantity. all and sundry analyzing this can swing over to the Washington post Police shooting Database and browse this for yourself. All of this might have been during this document. It may have helped ease tensions that the neighborhood little doubt has as a result of they watch the countrywide information and simply consider what they’re being informed.

neighborhood THINKS POLICE KILLED 1400 UNARMED BLACKS remaining yr…IT became 9

it’s stressful that this document, the mayor or the manager, absolutely refused to inform the public another alternate options as to why African American adult males can be shot at a higher fee.

First, the record doesn’t even listing what the rates are in Racine and if it did, it’s pretty handy to peer even if “systemic racism” or “white supremacy” is concerned.

All you ought to do is seem at the crime costs.

Is there disparity in African americans committing crime, in selected violent crime?

It’s that essential.

examine that number to the quantity that drive turned into used on.  If it’s no longer shut in percentages, maybe you have got an issue but you really should ask yourself why this wasn’t included in the file?

And simply to make clear, the purpose you ought to compare these numbers, is this is who cops shoot. Shocker isn’t it? legislations enforcement tends to need to shoot violent criminals so with that said, why within the hell would we ever examine normal police records to census statistics? just like anywhere else, police statistics should be compared to the facts that applies to them and that’s CRIME.


may it’s that via together with that important information, we couldn’t call the Racine Police branch a bunch of white supremacists and racists?

could it’s that it would cause these reading it to look that there is additionally disparity in who’s committing violent crime?

might or not it’s that all of these foolish ideas including to not rent any person with a defense force background, one of the most highest quality men and ladies our country has to present, couldn’t be applied if the general public knew the truth?

actually, we have no conception since the file lacked all of this suggestions.

Whoever is in the back of this should be ashamed of themselves. the general public and especially the minority community deserves to listen to the actuality….something that fact is.

And opting for the dying of a man hundreds of miles away that took adequate fentanyl to kill a horse and putting that on the shoulders of the Racine Police branch is fully disgusting.

think about if we handled every other career like this. think about if each faculty trainer got called a rapist because one teacher in yet another state dedicated that horrible act?

that you can’t imagine that because it really is the stupidest philosophy you have ever heard of and so is that this.

The participants of the Racine Police department deserve better and the citizens of Racine deserve stronger.

If our flesh pressers and police chiefs don’t delivery telling the reality, they received’t have a city or a police branch in charge anymore…..and we might no longer blame them one bit.

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