Sheriff Doubles Down On ‘Thug’ Thursday After Christmas Tree submit gets loss of life Threats

After the cell County Sheriff’s workplace got demise threats and criticism from activists that claimed the note “Thug” became racist, the doubled down closing Thursday through carrying on with a protracted standing tradition at the company.

“Thug Thursday”

ultimate week, the cell County Sheriff’s office deleted the picture from its “team Sheriff” fb page on Saturday, pronounced. The publish in the beginning shared Thursday confirmed a doctored photograph of a Christmas tree adorned with photographs of individuals arrested or wanted for crimes.

The facebook put up confirmed a Christmas tree embellished with “thugshots”

“we now have adorned our Tree with THUGSHOTS to display how many Thugs we now have taken off the streets of cellular this yr! We could not have done it with out our trustworthy followers!” the branch wrote, in keeping with a screenshot of the when you consider that-deleted post shared by using Fox 10.

“Any of the things that your friend THUGS have stolen could be available for you!” the put up persevered. “but that’s now not all, after you select your one stolen item, your very own very own concierge #correctionsofficer will provide an escort to METRO DELUXE the place you’re going to get hold of your FREE COVID look at various. in case you circulate your test, then your concierge will take you for a ‘custom fitting’ to receive your holiday Jumpsuit with matching ‘flap flops.’”

final Thursday, the agency posted right here on their “crew Sheriff” facebook page and comprehensive with a special hashtag…..#wedidnotcallhimathug #yet

We here at legislations Officer say it’s about time.  law Enforcement has no business apologizing for criminals being uncovered as criminals.

The titanic majority of the comments consider us.

“Love these put up. These individuals are criminals and forfeited any rights once they commit crimes. If caught, convicted and punished. Most don’t seem to be first time offenders. If it offends you, move on and do not follow.”

“If all and sundry has an issue With what they publish on their page stop following it and you won’t see it!! i like the thug tree!!”

“It is gloomy that some people are offended by way of these interesting posts of the cell County Sheriff branch. yes they are entertaining. yes they get people staring at, searching and speakme. I consider that these are a fine option to get the neighborhood concerned in trying to find these “alleged” criminals and letting the judicial equipment allow justice to be triumphant. It is gloomy that a number of people get indignant and butt hurt when the MCSD is soliciting for community help in getting these THUGS at the back of bars.”

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