In latest Police taking pictures, Wauwatosa (WI) must be taught A Lesson

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law Officer spent tons of the summer overlaying the crazy and wild case of Wauwatosa (WI) Officer Joseph Mensah.

Mensah, a decorated African American police officer who grew up in the suburb of Wauwatosa, simply outside of Milwaukee shot and killed three suspects in 5 years.


That in of itself would not have made headlines even a year ago. particularly on the grounds that that each taking pictures changed into deemed justified by means of the Milwaukee D.A. and the branch of Justice.

That tends to ensue when two suspects assault police officers with weapons and an additional with a machete.

however here is 2020 and every little thing is stupid and when “The people’s Revolution of Milwaukee” started to protest and march in the identify of “racial justice,” the cowards that make up political seats in Wauwatosa took motion.


changed into it to tell this hate neighborhood the data of each taking pictures?

Of course no longer…they suspended Officer Mensah, one in all just three African American Officers, so as “to fix the damage of the city’s racist past?”

It changed into one of the most cowardly and despicable actions we had ever considered in two a long time of reporting legislation enforcement information.


Mensah became treated like no American may still be.

He changed into called a assassin while the media buried the statistics of the shootings and even celebrities like “Jay Z” and the “Jonas Brothers” showed off their hatred with the aid of calling for the termination and arrest of Mensah in letters and adverts.

Does it get any longer racist than that?

A black man, who happens to be a police officer, changed into pressured to make use of lethal force to protect his existence towards violent criminals….and Joseph Mensah become made to be some evil monster.

For our part, we were proud to get to understand Joseph. A quiet, respectable young man that simply wanted to serve his city, become positioned in cases that no officer desires would ensue however he replied with braveness and received every combat in order that he and the citizens that he served would be safer that day.

however the fight that came at him became more than anyone could ever tackle.

That came to a fever pitch on August 8, 2020, when radical Black Lives count number individuals confirmed up at a home where Mensah was off duty and fired a shotgun against him.


Mensah, who had been suspended for doing his job and had his weapons taken from him, was unable to protect himself and his family.

And when you would believe the rhetoric and the lies would cease, they would not.

Granted, one of the politicians answerable for ruining Joseph’s career and attractiveness while feeding the hate with misinformation and feigned sympathy for a radical group that rioted of their streets, aren’t any longer politicians… and that’s an excellent component.

as an instance, Alderperson Heather Kuhl, who led the can charge in opposition t Mensah resigned after she told TMJ4 that she needs to prioritize “the health and protection of my family unit.”

Isn’t that wonderful. definitely, we need her and her family safe but we simply wished that she thought the equal about Officer Mensah and in case you really are looking to comprehend what she thinks of everybody else, which you can appear on the “fake” twitter handle that she became allegedly caught using simply prior to her resignation.

And all of that brings us to the ring leader of this circus….Wauwatosa Mayor Daniel McBride.

He’s still in workplace and we hope he’s happy.

He spent months behind the scenes as Officer Mensah had the metropolis’s “racist history” placed on his returned and all the whereas it turned into a rip-off.


Joseph Mensah resigned on November 30, 2020. now not as a result of he did the rest wrong however simply as a result of he changed into focused by means of radical groups and politicians like McBride piled on.

Mensah resigned in good standing after he became reinstated and given a agreement. however no sum of money can repair what took place to him.

And if we’re certain about the rest, it’s that this evil medication in opposition t a good man does nothing for Wauwatosa or this nation.


because as long as police officers are being attacked with the aid of people with weapons, legislation enforcement will reply and if we have the rest to do with it, they’re going to win every battle.

this is exactly what came about Thursday evening when a area ran as much as an officer’s police vehicle and started beating the windshield with a wooden put up. When the officer attempted to take the suspect into custody, the suspect attacked the officer and turned into subsequently shot.

After the female suspect turned into shot, she persisted to make use of the post as a weapon and it took several officers to take her into custody.

The Wauwatosa officer turned into a female and for her sake, we hope the Mayor and his mob known as the “standard council” don’t suspend her instantly in “order to repair the years of abuse against girls.”

And here’s the lesson that Wauwatosa stronger be trained or watch their community be taken over by way of loopy americans from Milwaukee.

When individuals assault cops, there are penalties.

Politicians should still be held to the maximum of requisites and one of those is when citizens have questions or when violent mobs threaten to burn down your city, you stronger tell them the fact.

as a result of if you tell them whatever that you believe will appease them whereas all along you understand that violent criminals will nonetheless get shot by way of law enforcement officials, what are you going to do when that happens?

within the case of Wauwatosa, simply per week before Joseph Mensah resigned, a 15 12 months old youngster shot 8 people on the Mayfair Mall. Yep, the equal mall where Officer Mensah became compelled to shoot a suspect that became on the mall with a gun after which pointed it at officers prior this year.

And now, under two weeks after the Wauwatosa politicians eradicated racism by using forcing the resignation of a decorated black officer, yet another suspect has been shot via the Wauwatosa Police department.

And nowadays, because the “individuals’s Revolution” marches on the streets of Wauwatosa, along with their baseless calls for, it’s time that the politicians act like adults or just like Heather Kuhl, get out of the way.

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