Our Quick Review of CheapBulletproofVest.com

We ordered a vest from Cheapbulletproofvest.com which is a bulletproof vest that is new on the ballistics market, we never heard of it before we saw an add on google for it. The price was what caught our attention because it was insanely cheap. With bulletproof vests being bought up like crazy because of people panicking from the pandemic, we gave it a try.

We found out It is a non NIJ certified, hard steel plate armor vest that stops many different kinds of common handguns rounds. We shot the vest with .380, 9mm, 40mm, 45mm, 22lr and it stopped each round with multiple shots. it stopped everything. The plate very much took a beating and was not usable after receiving multiple gunshots from all those different calibers, however for the price of only $119, its so cheap that you could buy 10 of them and have more vests than you could ever need for an entire lifetime.

I weigh 205 pounds and I’m 6 foot 1, the one size fits all plate carrier fit perfectly on me. It had adjustable shoulder straps in case it didnt feel right, i could change straps very easily.

None of the rounds penetrated all the way through, and there was no spalling whatsoever. The plate carrier stopped all the bullet residue from the fragmentation of the rounds, so you wont have to worry about frags hitting your chin.

All in all, they make a great vest for the best price around by far.